Todays Living June 2014

Thistle is a selection of origami inspired lamps that focus on the combination of tactile materials.  Every piece is hand made, take hundreds of hours to fold.
Founder and designer of the Indonesian Brand ONG CEN KUANG, Budiman Ong understands that while repetition and symmetry appeal to our visual senses, he prefers to create more surprising pieces that demonstrate the perfect mathematical symmetry.  By wrappping material derived from zips around the centre, Alur almost feels like and organic in shape, demonstrating the intriguing nature of broken symmetry
In 2008, Indonesian desingner, Budiman Ong created ONG CEN KUANG to reflect his own design principle that respect process and the unique caracter of each material he uses.  Leather is among one of the many materials he experiments with, as evidenced in his extremely tactical Bonsai Lamp.

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